Here are a variety of resources that are for your future reference as well as for my own personal notes. These are links to websites and/or blogs that I find very helpful or particularly interesting...many of them are for personal reference, but you're free to browse around and explore. If you'd like to suggest a link, let me know in comments. :)

Other Notable Websites
Screenplays For You
The Boston Globe - The Big Picture: Autumn Scenes
Online Christmas Card Maker
Stuff Journalists Like
Random Word Generator
How To Write a Novel In 100 Days Or Less
The New Yorker

Notable Blog Posts
9 Stages of Dating a Novel
Screwing Your Writing Career Before It Gets Started
You Say You're Not Political?
7 Steps to Revision Heaven
Every Writer Deserves An Editor
Making the Most of Failure
Make the Most of Your Writing
Collections/Twinkle Lights
Top 10 Website Picks
Untraditional Outline Techniques
Feng Shui
Guest Post Guidelines
How To Write a Good Blog Post Comment
Ten Things To Help With Your DigiArt
What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?
Reasons To Love Haiti
How Much Do You Share Your Idea Before You Write About It?
Love & Fonts
Do You Tell People You Write?
Free Online Writing Courses
Are You a Blogger Buddy or a Blogger Bum?
Gift Ideas For Writers and Artists
Blogfest Guide
No Tech Note Solutions
5 Writing Tips From Reading HP
On-Screen VS On-Page Characters
Creativity That Pays Off - Fiction Freelance
5 Ways To Make the Most Of a Small Blog Audience
Morning Pages Experiment: One Year Later
Creating a Magic System
Last Minute Gifts
Boldness is Genius. Do It. Decide. 
DIY Gifts For Artists/Writers
The Art of Self-Editing Your Novel
I Had An Affair (with a book)
Aspects of Love
Self Publishing 911
Facebook For Authors

Website Resources for Artists
How to Go From Fear to Freedom
Five Essentials for a Story Starter
25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing Punk'D
30 Writing Quotes to Kick Off 2011
We Are Searching For Voice!
5 Ways to Tell if It's THE ONE

How to Write 300,000 Words in a Year
Q Stands For Questioning Beliefs
7 Steps to Get Your Groove Back When You've Lost Your Writing Rhythm
Worst Writing Habit of 2010
How to Meditate Daily
The Tragedy of Missing Out
101 of the Best Fiction Writing Tips I and II
Pitching Guest Posts
Insights on Becoming a Better Writer
7 Steps to a Better Blog

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