Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 100 + 30 Day Challenge + Chinese New Year Eve

Question of the Day: Fill in the were born in the year of the _________ (hint: Check out your Zodiac!).

Happy February, everyone! I know I'm a day behind, but hey better late than never. :) I can't believe I'm already in my 2nd semester of college...way too scary to even think about it. I suppose when you're constantly doing Economics (*dodges*) and Calculus (*cringe) all day long the days do tend to eventually blur together.

I've got midterms in both of those classes next week. Honestly, I think that those classes are seriously out to get me. I have homework due in those classes every two days on the same day. And the classes take place every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Eek! And contrary to popular belief about Asians, I am not good at math, nor do I like it. On a brighter note, this will probably be the hardest semester I have as an undergraduate, I am thinking. As long as I get through this semester, the hard math-related parts of college will be over (hopefully).

Instead of thinking about the hard parts of this semester that have yet to come (integrals are even worse than derivatives, I hear!), I'm trying to focus on what I HAVE accomplished so far.
  • got on the fiction staff of our college literary magazine (*yay*)
  • developed better public speaking skills (my next post will be about this!)
  • rehomed my turtles to a mansion of their own (not exactly a mansion, but a 20-gallon tank is MUCH nicer than a 2-gallon one)
  • fed my turtles feeder goldfish for the first time--success!
  • learned the difference between quantity demanded and demand, and quantity supplied and supply (there's a difference, I swear)
  • began my "career" as a blog editor for the college features magazine
  • learned how to fold dumplings
  • became a finalist for a leadership program (wish me luck on my interview next week!)
So what have YOU accomplished this year so far?

Speaking of dumplings, tomorrow is Chinese New Year! For those of you who don't know, it is the year of the rabbit. :) Tonight, I will be having a wonderful feast with my family at the apartment I live in. We will have duck, thick rice noodles, meatballs, and all sorts of yummy goodies. In fact, we celebrated CNY in my Chinese class today. A classmate and I brought in dumplings and I hosted a short presentation and improv game, which was "hen hao wan," or "a lot of fun." It definitely made me miss China!

But yes, back to the American calendar now! I will be participating in the February 100 Challenge (a writer's challenge in which we pledge to write at least 100 words a day) and the 30 Day Tumblr Challenge (a certain topic will be addressed in each post), which is technically meant for Tumblr folks but I'm going to do it here instead. :) This is going to be fun.

Anything exciting that you're looking forward to this month?



Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

wow, awesome food! congrats on your accomplishments in college.

i'm the year of the tiger!

Oh to Be a Muse

The Golden Eagle said...

Good for you on your accomplishments!

I'm a Rat. :)

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Oh my goodness! What a spread! Happy Chinese New Year to you too. Goodluck on your semester. It's been eons since I was last in school and I told myself that I would never go back. This morning I found myself thinking about going back. I must be nuts.

I've finished 5 dolls this year. A bit behing schedule and I've got a show coming up in a week. That doll isn't done yet. So I guess I better go. Have fun!

rosaria said...

Thanks for visiting me at sixtyfivewhatnow. Enjoy your college days and look at your accomplishments not as rung in a ladder of achievement but as tools to help you live a fulfilling life. Good luck to you.

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