Sunday, June 20, 2010

Scrabble + Eggs = Scrabbled Eggs!

Question of the Day: What's your favorite Youtube Video to watch?

Firstly, I'd like to say HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! Thanks to all the wonderful daddies in this world for being so awesome. :) My sister and I cooked scrambled eggs and a variety of omelettes this morning for the family. Unfortunately, I didn't take any photos of breakfast but I'd be more than happy to describe the entire meal. A-HEM:

My Breakfast: A single brown egg, scrambled to perfection with creamy Velveeta cheese tossed in. A blend of Garlic Salt, Garlic Powder, and Coarse Ground Pepper seasoned over the egg. 1 slice of honey ham, fresh from the deli. A side of whole wheat bread, toasted lightly, and served with real butter.

I think I just made myself hungry again. xD

Yesterday, me, my sister, and my boyfriend played Scrabble! Here were the results: Sister: 156, Boyfriend: 156, Me: 128. I guess you don't have to be good at EVERYTHING you love, eh? It was tons of fun and our completed board looked pretty damn epic if you ask me!
Can you find the word that was used twice in this one game?

I thought the angle of this photo was really neat. Ahh, I love photography. :)

These poor loners were the only letters that we couldn't find places for. I couldn't let them sit out on a photo shoot, so I'm featuring them as well. :3

Ohh, and Cheryl Clarke is hosting an amazing sunglasses giveaway right now. Click HERE if you're interested in entering!! Best of luck to all entrants.

Hope you all had a great day!! Once again, Happy Father's Day!



Friday, June 18, 2010

Lovely Versatile Bloggers

Question of the Day: If you could use a seasoning (ex: Garlic Salt, Paprika, Chili Powder, etc.) to describe your personality or life, what would you pick and why?

Thank you, Amanda Sablan, for this award. You truly made my day!! :) Apparently I am supposed to think up of 7 more facts about myself...

1) I hate all and any sodas/soft drinks. I don't like that tingly feeling my tongue gets from the bubbliness. WATER ALL THE WAY!!!

2) My birthday is on Tuesday (June 22nd) and I will be turning 18. I find that very scary. O_O

3) Alongside J.K. Rowling, I absolutely love Jodi Picoult. Her novel My Sister's Keeper is one of my favorite books of all time. There's a dash of everything in it...romance, friendship, name it. Definitely worth the time to read. Other notable books of Picoult's that I've read are: The Pact, The Tenth Circle, and a few others that I can't think of at this moment in time. xD

4) Scrabble is my favorite board game. :)

5) When I was younger, I used to make doll clothes and accessories for my American Girl Doll, Josefina because the ones you had to buy from the catalogs were sooooo expensive.

6) The lowest grade I've ever made on a quiz is a 0. That's because it was a pop quiz and there was only one question on it. T_T For some reason, my chemistry teacher was mad and he decided to take it out on us. Needless to say, we were bewildered.

7) My mailbox is forest green.

"So here's the deal. Pass this award on to 15 other fantastic bloggers whom you have recently discovered (hopefully one month counts). You must thank and link back to the blogger who gave you the award, and when you yourself are ready to pass the award along, contact the awardee to let them know of their super-awesome fabulousness!" -as quoted from AS

I'd like to pass this award onto these 9 amazing bloggers...
(you're supposed to pass it onto 15 but I already follow just 18 soooo yeah, hehe)
Congrats for being award-winning bloggers! :) You all are wonderful.



Monday, June 14, 2010

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me

Question of the Day: Twilight or Harry Potter or neither? (Yes, I just had to bring this subject up, hehe)

Happy Wednesday--no, no, I mean Thursday, everybody! :D This always happens during the summertime. Now that I don't have school and other activities (sluggish Mondays, Piano Lesson Tuesdays, you get the idea) to distinguish my days between weekdays and weekends, they just all sort of blend together. Now, I have to look twice on the calendar to know what day it is. Do you guys have this problem too when you're on vacation?

Today feels like a pretty chillax day, so I'm going to keep this post equally laid-back and devote it to letting you guys get to know me better. Thanks to Amanda Sablan for tagging me:

Ten Things You Don't Know About Me:

1) I am a Gleek, a Twi-Hard, a Muggle-born witch boarding Platform 9 3/4, a High School Musical fan, a Pokemon fanatic (*cough* master *cough*).

2) This is going to be very hard to admit, but yes, I still play Neopets. I think I might've mentioned it before in my blog, but now I am saying it right out, loud and proud. I PLAY NEOPETS!!!

3) When I was about 5 years old, I broke my big bare toe on an exercise machine. I remember that it hurt like crap, but after the doctor took care of it I got a popsicle! :D

4) I have a really odd phobia against stickers and other wet or sticky paper. I also hate cigarette butts that stick to the sidewalk while it's raining (aka wet paper).

5) My favorite Disney movie is "Beauty and the Beast." Every time I watch the ending, I wanna go....D'Awwww!!! :)

6) When I was little, I wanted to be an archaeologist. Don't ask.

7) I can type well over 100 words per minute.

8) I really really like LOVE Smallville and anything that has to do with Superman. Oh oops, you already knew that. T_T Darn. Okay, well I also enjoy watching "The Big Bang Theory."

9) I write and draw comics in my spare time.

10) I own 6 goldfish, 1 betta fish and 2 red-ear slider turtles.

Now It's Your Turn! I Tag...

Cheryl Clarke




Friday, June 11, 2010

Character Profile #3:

Question of the Day: How heavily do political views weigh between you and your friends? Are political views a huge factor in who you befriend?

Okay, so much for writing a character profile once a week. T_T I know, I know, I'm very behind. But now I realize that character profiles actually take quite a lot of time to make, especially with the passages. Another reason why they've been hard to keep up with is because I don't go out very much, thus I'm not around very many different least not enough people for me to find at least one person that sticks out to me with a strong personality and is character-profile-worthy.

Thus, I'm going to have to cut back my character profiles to once a month. I'd rather write occasional, exceptional, and well thought-out character profiles rather than frequent, mediocre, and boring ones. I'm also going to add a new bullet to each character profile: Actor/Actress. For this one, I'll be choosing a certain actor/actress who I believe would represent that character well.

I decided to do this character profile on Sophie, the main character of my first self-published book, Sophie. There's a link at the bottom where you can purchase the book, read a passage from it, and/or skim a short summary if you wish. Now you may be wondering why I'd do a profile on a character whom I've already written about. I've got a sequel aka WIP coming up and I think the profile would be helpful for me in maintaining Sophie's character in the book and make sure that I stay true to her self.

I've actually added new sides to her that I never knew she'd had before. Now I see why character profiles are so important. They really help develop characters (duh) and make them come alive through the little details and habits and passions that they have. :D

Meet Sophie Elizabeth Mason

NAME: Sophie Elizabeth Mason, or just "Sophie"
BIOGRAPHY: Sophie resides in the lively city of Boston and works as an elementary teacher. She is currently in her first year of teaching. Being the victim of a heartbreak isn't easy for Sophie, for she had just broken up with her long-term boyfriend, a successful surgeon. Because of this, her life is upside down. Her other relationship have fallen apart. She has stopped focusing on what she really loves: sketching.

AGE: 25 years old.
HEIGHT: 5' 6''
WEIGHT: 135 lbs.

BODY TYPE: Tall and toned.
FACE TYPE: Oval-shaped. Full lips, small but pointy nose. Dimples and a wide mouth.
COMPLEXION: Cream-colored. Burns easily in the sun.
EYES: Bright green eyes. Medium-sized.
HAIR: Wavy, strawberry blonde hair.
CLOTHING STYLE: Conservative but stylish and girly. Summer dresses, tops with ruffles and lace, plaid jackets, pea coats, high-waist skirts, and skinny jeans are just a few items that she sports on a day-to-day basis. She's a big fan of On Sale racks due to her teacher's salary.
SPEAKING STYLE: Loud and clear voice but stutters A LOT when she's nervous.
GENERAL DEMEANOR: Extremely sensitive (especially when it comes to talking about guys). Talkative and outgoing with her sister, her students, and her closest friends but rather bashful around intimidating strangers and men. Emotional and occasionally goes through depression.

CAREER: Elementary school teacher. She is in her first year of teaching.
PREJUDICES: None. Quite the contrary, she's a huge advocate for racial and gender equality, affirmative action, and the environment/recycling. She only has a grudge/obsession/phobia (are those even the right words to use?) against her ex boyfriend, Paul (more of a love-him/hate-him relationship). Also currently prejudiced against romantic comedies.

QUALITIES: Sophie uses a briefcase, loves Twilight, is good at solving the Rubix Cube, and is freakishly scared of death. She is always busy and doing SOMETHING productive. Very organized and precise.
WEAKNESSES: Impatient, sensitive, emotional.
HOBBIES: Sketching, Rubix cube and puzzles, taking care of her goldfish, makes and plays songs on her guitar, reading.
TALENTS: Plays the guitar.

ACTRESS: Katherine Heigl.


Click Here



The 411 On College Orientation

Question of the Day: What brand of water do you drink? Do you think the different brands really matter all that much?

Sorry for the lateness! Orientation really wore me out and so I've just been resting the past couple of days. I can't really sum up all the puzzle pieces that make up College Orientation in just one blog post, so I'll briefly go over just a few of the highlights:

1) The first day was all about preparation for the second day (aka Registration for Classes Day).

2) It was literally session after session after session...two hours on alcohol abuse, thirty minutes on meal plans and dining services, one point five hours on campus safety. Don't get me wrong, all that stuff is important and I learned a lot, but honestly, after that fifth session of simply sitting in my seat in the Auditorium and nothing else, my legs were about to start jerking and convulsing at any second.

3) Registration for classes is probably one of the most stressful events I have ever experienced. We were under a timed schedule and only had an hour and a half to pick out all of the classes we were interested in and make a schedule that wasn't too crowded and was evenly balanced between Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Tuesdays and Thursdays and gave us enough time to study, eat, sleep, and breathe.

4) All that stressing out in #3 was 95% probably for nothing because almost all schedules that are created at College Orientation/Registration are changed after the semester begins. Apparently students drop and add classes faster than they swat flies.

5) College is nothing like high school. I mean, I knew that even before I went to Orientation, but I lived it on Monday and Tuesday. Sure, some things never change (like the relationship between male and female) ...but a lot do (like having to live in a cubicle with somebody you've never met before).

6) Sleeping in a dorm room with somebody you don't know is actually very odd. You suddenly are extremely aware and self-conscious of your daily habits and begin to realize that maybe sleeping with your stuffed monkey isn't so cool.

7) College dining halls have much better food than high school cafeterias.

8) Your keys and your ID card become your life. I was only at Orientation for two days and the one thing I did most often (most often = every five minutes) was scramble around in my bag to check that my room key and ID card were still there. It's not like your key and card have legs or anything, but after a while you get so paranoid that you make believe they do.

9) Shower shoes (or even Crocs or flip flops) are a must! The grossest thing you can encounter is several pairs of FEET strutting about on the very same floor that thousands of other students' toesies have. Um, ew?

10) The two things that people want to know about you at Orientation are: (A) Your Name and (B) Your Major.

Overall it was relatively boring and I made few friends, but I definitely learned a lot about what college will be like. And if that wasn't the whole purpose of Orientation, then I dunno what was. :)

In addition, tomorrow I will be graduating from high school!! HHHUUURRRAAAYYYY!!!!... to be honest I'm not that excited. I kind of feel like I've already graduated, probably because school itself ended quite a few weeks ago. I'm most excited about going out to eat and my graduation party on Sunday. Photos of yummy food is to come. :) Still working on that character profile, ehh that should probably get posted sometime next week.

Have a great weekend!



Saturday, June 5, 2010

Summer 2010 Has Begun! + College Orientation

Question of the Day: What's the best vacation you've ever been on? What made it so awesome?

I haven't updated recently because I've been studying my tush off for the SAT Subject Test: Math Level 2. It's been difficult since AP Exams are over and everybody has been getting ready for the summer...and I've been at school reviewing my flashcards with the volume of a Pyramid and trigonometry identities. But alas--it's over!! After studying and stressing for so long, the end of the test came as quite a shock. I came over and, I can finally start reading Self magazine again. I can finish reading The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot and then begin a new novel. I can play chess again during my spare time. Yay!

It has become clear to me that waiting and anticipating an event that has yet to come seems more exciting and stimulating than when the event actually happens. This is usually because once the event happens, it is nearly over...and the magic of it all dissipates and there is one less event to look forward to.

This is how I feel about Orientation. After months of waiting for Orientation, which is where I'll get to meet my other 2014 classmates and pick out my first semester classes, tomorrow is finally the day! It's's finally occured to me that all that waiting is over, as if those days literally whooshed by. And the future is literally at my doorstep. Now, after all the restless walking back and forth, it is time for me to make decisions that will affect the next four years of my life. Why is it that I am feeling frightened and small rather than liberated and enthusiastic? Half of me is genuinely excited about being able to put my feet forward towards the next journey in life, and the other half of me is rather sad because my childhood is pretty much gone and the magic of anticipation is drawing to a close.

Pardon for this rather personal entry. Wish me luck for the next two days...and I PROMISE there will be a Character Profile up when I get back! (and a Cooking post)


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